ACTIONSA Announce Positions ahead of 2020 Government Elections

A former close ally of the Democratic Party (DA) and leader of the newly formed political party ACTIONSA, Herman Mashaba, has formally begun the process of announcing party positions ahead of 2020 government elections, mentioning that the country needed a “fresh start” and calling for reforms to strengthen the rule of law and democracy.

Speaking at the launch of his fellow counterparts on Sunday, October 11 at the Dobsonville mall, Mashaba issued a bitter list of grievances against the ruling party, calling on citizens to take a stand against the soaring corruption that has engulfed the country.

Mashaba has been crisscrossing the country, creating branches and lobbying political leaders to join his party. “Today we’ve braved the cold to announce our newly elected Provincial Chairperson, John Moodey”, confirmed Mashaba.

In the first weeks of his effort, which coincide with the party’s national tour, Mashaba received broad media coverage but struggled to turn that attention into a devoted following. During a tenure as the mayor of Johannesburg under the leadership of DA, which ended late last year, Mashaba established himself as a compassionate leader who wanted to use his leadership for social good.

ACTIONSA has picked a number of its leaders to play various roles and the movement has already begun recruiting individuals and civil society organizations.

He added that they had picked a diverse group of talented and experienced leaders from all walks of life who would hold the national government accountable in exercising of their powers. “The party believes that South Africans must vote for the president, MPs, premiers and mayors and our aim is to mobilize people to become active citizens”. He reiterated.

Mashaba also alluded to challenges, evoking an extreme voice currently dominating the people’s dialogue, an NGO he formed with the aim of getting views of South Africans about the future. “Elections are moments of reckoning. They can either project a party onto a new trajectory or force a party into introspection.” Concluded Mashaba.

The political and business tycoon has earned praise for introducing a transitional phase in the party, amidst a period of political turbulence.

Thapelo Magola Soweto Sunrise News

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