Amazi Incubation to Aid Women Entrepreneurs

Meet Lisa Mgcotyelwa, a social entrepreneur aspiring to change the landscape of the health and beauty industry by championing the economic inclusion of women. The Co-Founder and COO of AMAZI, her fosters interventions to create opportunities for women of colour to learn, earn and to grow through their specially designed and innovative programs.
To create and share knowledge with women in the beauty industry thus investing in their growth by empowering unemployed young women without the financial means to access skills.

“Our commercial stores create earning opportunities & incubate entrepreneurial talent among women of colour within beauty. We are looking to expand the treatments that we women work with and can offer, and in that manner extend our incubation program to beauty product makers.” Added Lisa.

A Somatologist by profession, she began her career as a Beauty Therapist and Spa Operations Manager in Five Star Hotel Spas. She then moved into the Training and Education sector acquiring her SETA accreditation in Facilitation, Assessors and Content Development.

Having co-founded AMAZI with Divya Vasant, they both spearhead the Beauty Skills Development Program that trains marginalised women aged between 19 to 35 in technical beauty skills and to date impacted over 200 women. On completion of the training, the ladies’ transition to the AMAZI learnership program for job readiness development and so become employable to the broader beauty market.

The Entrepreneurial Incubation program targets women who already have technical beauty skills and experience, were previously employed in the industry for 3-5 years & have lost their jobs as a result of COVID-19 or retrenchments due to other contributing factors.

“Over 65% of women who relied on employment in the hair and beauty industry are without income. Mostly, marginalized young black women risk falling back into poverty if they cannot access income. According to research, during the first quarter of 2020, 37% of women aged 15-24 were excluded from employment, education, or even training. These women have been subjected to persistent inequality and there is very low investment in their development.

There is a large, underserved customer market an opportunity for women of colour in South Africa that our stores have been created to cater for. Our commercial stores provide co-working opportunities for incubated entrepreneurs in well-established retail locations that make access to the customer market easily accessible.

AMAZI has 2 Training Academies in Cape Town and Johannesburg; 3 Commercial stores and 2 Training Salons. We have recently launched our digital arm – AMAZI Virtual Knowledge Hub that allows us to offer a blended learning offering with an online learning platform that is easy to use, mobile-based & interactive. Physical learning spaces that reinforce the self-paced learning are offered online.” Expanded Mgcotyelwa.

The AMAZI Founding Team work with an array of experts who are experienced in Entrepreneurial Incubators, Leadership and Executive Coaching and Strategists within the Commercial, Retail Industry, Finance and People Development.

“The success of the Incubation program will expand as we secure spaces in locations that are accessible to the women we incubate and the objective of a sufficient flow of potential customers to create a supply versus demand growth curve. Receiving a business start-up kit and access to credible physical spaces to trade in a flexible manner will empower enthusiasts. Our aim is to scale 2 Learning centres and 8 stores to create access to learning for over 2000 women, direct income-earning opportunities for just under 300 women and incubated micro-enterprises for up to 150 women in the next 3 years. Concluded Lisa.

Jerry Sokhupe Soweto Sunrise News

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