Human Trafficking Awareness

Human Trafficking thrives in secrecy, the less people know about it and the fewer who believe that it’s happening, the easier it is for traffickers to carry out their activities. 

Human trafficking is a serious human rights violation whereby people are being sold on a daily basis as commodities, sometimes for less than one would pay for a cup of coffee.

What does the statistics say?

South Africa is a SOURCE, TRANSIT and DESTINATION country for victims of trafficking. While there are no official (or accurate) statistics available, it is estimated that 30,000 children are being prostituted in South Africa with half of them younger than 14 years; some even as young as 4; Johannesburg has up to 10,000 child prostitutes; Up to 1,000 girls are trafficked to South Africa from Mozambique each year; The Eastern Cape, Mpumalanga and Limpopo are the main “recruitment” areas for victims of human trafficking. (Source: World Hope South Africa, schools curriculum)

Join Hope Risen in putting an end to modern day slavery

Hope Risen is an organisation who works towards ending Human Trafficking and Exploitation through Prevention, Intervention, Restoration and Re-integration.

The foundation do this through careful, compassionate and strategic planning providing the best solutions and creating sustainable efforts in partnership with those locally and globally.Awareness & prevention
Hope Risen educates the public on the inner-workings of the Human Trafficking industry, both to arm people with the knowledge that can protect them from this fate, and to dismantle the systems that drive trafficking.

Hope Risen in partnership with SSC Equity Training also created a free online course for South Africans on Human Trafficking. Visit for more information on this course.

Rescue & intervention

The process to rescue trafficking victims requires the cooperation of many different players who piece together clues, follow up on leads, match missing person reports with suspicious activity and tracking moving targets in a secretive underground world.
In order to identify and respond rapidly to emerging cases, we have a team of specialists who we work with, including investigators, forensic specialists, social workers, police officers, law enforcement and partner organisations, whom together form part of a rapid response unit, and conduct ongoing investigations into possible trafficking cases.

Restoration & reintegration

Once out of danger and in Safe Houses, the survivors are taken through an extended programme to bring healing and hope, while equipping them on a practical level for reintegration and life after the Safe House.
A team of trained and experienced counselors, social workers and professionals work with the survivors through this journey. They are provided with trauma counseling and therapy, and guided towards rediscovery of their value, autonomy and purpose.

Need Help?

Call Hope Risen in Gauteng: 071 183 9201 / Western Cape: 064 974 5007 or email if you are a victim of or suspect human trafficking and/or sexual exploitation.
Awareness is a huge need in South Africa — the average South African doesn’t know that Human Trafficking is a problem in our country. Email for more details on our Anti-

How can you help?

You can donate, become a volunteer, Cycle for Hope or support as part of your Corporate Social Responsibility Programme.

Awareness is a huge need in South Africa — the average South African doesn’t know that Human Trafficking is a problem in our country. Email for more details on our Anti-Human Trafficking Workshops.

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