A Billion Square feet Sanitized to protect SA People

Since March 2020, the Scientology Volunteer Ministers sanitized one billion square feet of buildings, from one floor shelters, women and children abuse centers, elderly houses and orphanages to Park station, Rea Vaya bus stations and 35-floor government buildings, Court Houses, clinics, covid-19 test centers and so much more.  This represents more than 7 times the circumference of Earth.

Hitting the ground running as soon as there was wind of lockdown about to hit the country, the Scientology Volunteer Ministers figured out how to best assist its communities and they never stopped since, not taking one day off since the last 200 plus days.

There is something very enriching personally in assisting one’s fellowmen in time of needs.  We wanted to do it and did it, and we stand tall for having done it,” said Gaetane Asselin, the President of the Church of Scientology in South Africa NPC.  “Our pay has been the thousands of smiles we got in return from the people who appreciated the help.  It was never about money,” added the President.

Mrs. Asselin stated that everything has been done for free as a humanitarian service to the country.  In addition to having sanitized over a billion square feet of buildings, the Scientology Volunteer Ministers pass the mark of a million essential services vehicles and have sanitized a total of 1,028,858 taxis, buses, fire trucks, ambulances, police cars and army cars, many of those done daily to protect the millions who use those.

“The Department of Social Development has been one of our greatest partners from the beginning,” added Mrs. Asselin.  “In meeting with the Deputy Minister, Mrs. Hendrietta Bogopane Zulu, in the very early days, she briefed us about her constant worry of covid-19 rearing its ugly head in one of the many centers which she is responsible for and the chain reaction it could potentially have.  We got the picture and we figured it out from there.  We have never stopped since,” stated Mrs. Asselin.

The President says that they felt humbled to be asked to contribute.  “It is an honor in itself,” she said.   “We are passionate about what we do.  We believe in it and a billion square feet later, it gives us a satisfaction like nothing else and a peace of mind to know that as a strong group of Scientology Volunteer Ministers, we have played our part in a big way for our country,” added the proud President.

Mrs. Asselin also thanks all the volunteers who joined in throughout the months to help, including people of various faiths, police officers, security people and more. “It was a great experience for all of us to be working together.  There was no discrimination between religion, politics or background.  We had one common purpose and that was to assist our country.  WE did it.”

Sandile Hlayisi Scientology Volunteer Ministers

Soweto Sunrise News

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