Crime Prevention Operation With Moroka Cpf

On Saturday, 28 November 2020 the Station Commander of Moroka Police Station together with Brigadier Shiburi , Detective Head Colonel Van Wyk, and the Visible Policing members together with Station Community Policing Forum (CPF) held a joint crime prevention operation.

The purpose of the operation was to sensitize the community about crime in Moroka especially car hijackings, Gender Based Violence and robberies.
The operation started at 16h00 till 2h00 in the morning. During the operation different liquor outlets were visited, people and vehicles were stopped and searched.

Hotspots and parks in all three sectors were patrolled to prevent crime such as robberies, murder and rapes. The Station Commander intervened by
telling the liquor outlets owners to close on time and to adhere to COVID19 regulations.

In Sector 3, White City a man aged 50 years old was arrested for possession of drugs. 19 Mandrax Tablets with estimated street value of R1000 were found in his possession.
In Sector 4. Nancefield road a 32 year old was also arrested for possession of drugs. Both Suspects were arrested during the stop and search. The drugs were confiscated by the police.

Moroka CPF Chairperson Mr Lucky Mbonami said the joint operation was a success and positively reflected the close and formidable partnership between the community and the police. Community must be cautious whenever they indulge in entertainment they must take into high account safety measure by not exposing themselves to various crimes.

“My gratitude goes out to the members of our station for ensuring the law prevails at all the times withinthe area under our policing precinct. We warn our community to be vigilant as more opportunistic crimes
happen during festive season. We will enforce law and anybody transgressing the law will be arrested without any fear of favor.

“I wish everyone a safer festive season” said the Station Commander Brigadier Reckson Shiburi.

Soweto Sunrise News.

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