8,000 People Trained so far on How to Survive better Amid a Disaster

Scientology Volunteer Ministers have now announced that the first 8,000 people have been trained for free on skills that they can use re-build their lives during this pandemic. The “tools for life” training covers subjects such as Communication, How to resolve conflicts, Answers to drugs, Fundamentals of Public Relations, Stress, Anxiety and Depression, Problems studying or Learning and more that give people practical tools on how to handle everyday problems.

With the pandemic having definitely taking its toll on South Africans, the Scientology Volunteer Minister understood that it’s going to take a lot of work to bring the country back to life. To assist in the rebuilding of the economy, they have been providing free skills training to people all over South Africa.

An official from the Sedibeng Health department who recently attended this training seminar said, “This is a very good seminar as one can learn a lot from it!”

“This training has allowed me to realize that in most cases there are really simple solutions to the problems we face on a daily basis.”

“Any problem that a person comes across can actually be overcome, if ones uses understanding to find the cause of it.”

These courses are available to anyone, anywhere, over 8000 people have participated in this skills training program and many more are attending daily throughout the entire country.

A member of the Community Policing Forum, who recently graduated from this training said, “I learned that willingness is the first step to a much better education and it is important to share, ask and compare information for better knowledge.”“I improve my knowledge about this pandemic, learned how to handle the dangerous environment and learned how to improve conditions in all aspects of my life.”“These courses have motivated me and I believe if everyone does this and accesses this training, it would help a lot!”

Apart from providing free skills training to communities across the country, the Scientology Volunteer Ministers have also been active in mitigating the spread of the virus, to date, they boast to have decontaminated over 42,000 buildings from on floor shelters to 35 floor government buildings which totals more than a billion square feet sanitized so far.

They have also sanitized over a million taxis, police cars, ambulances, fire trucks, army vehicles and other essential service vehicles during covid-19. They have volunteered a total of over 635,500 hours to help the nation during this difficult time.

The Scientology Volunteer Ministers are always ready to respond to any call for help and are passionate about it, they attribute their humanitarian abilities to technology they trained on written by L. Ron Hubbard.

Sandile H. Public Affairs Director, Scientology Volunteer Ministers

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