Happy Birthday Onions and All

A new Kasi food joint known as Onions and All, in Mtangai Street, Pimville Zone celebrated it’s one-year business success since opening its doors in November 2019, on Sunday, 29 November 2020.
Featured in the celebration to serenade patrons were DJ Tenacity-Jozi FM, DJ Mo and DJ Mbuso.

The joint offers popular Soweto kasi food with such as offal, sheep head, kidneys, kota, heart and liver, chicken fish and chips with a modern a twist, and named after significant areas in Soweto. The food is served on wooden platters, some of the meat is stir-fried and served on a wrapper, some in a pizza, fly fish is chargrilled (braaied) and chicken grilled. Menu items are named after areas and some monumental areas in Soweto. For example, Cross roads, Ndofaya, Soweto Towers, Zone1, 2, etc.

The business concept is the brainchild of Tshepo, the Chef and his two partners Muzi and Seneola. According to Tshepo who honed his skills from his later mother’s kitchen and from her coaching the concept evolved from his desire to celebrate township flavor with the high city aka Jo’burg street life that some people go to places like Maboneng for.

It is short of amazing that despite the adverse effect of Covid-19 lockdown regulations had in most industries and businesses in the country, and more so tourism and hospitality, albeit Onions & All is still standing. The name Onions & All, Tshepo advises, is derived from the fact that food items on the menu have onions.

Tshepo expressed gratitude to the material and immaterial support from his partners. This support has enabled the business to continue operating, servicing customers, supporting other service providers who work at the Onions & All as contractors, casuals and business support, the car wash that is very busy when there is a high patronage of customers, including Mr Delivery. Close to 20 people benefit directly, financially from the business operations of this new Kasi food joint.

Dumi Mkhabela Soweto Sunrise News

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