Women In Tourism Gauteng Chapter Appoint Director

“Ladies in Tourism – Lit SA welcomes the appointment of Madam Mpho Ngwenya as the Director of the Women in Tourism Gauteng Chapter. We are certain that her experience and passion for the success of women as a collective will bring about the glory of the ladies in the tourism and hospitality industry.”

Thoba is the Operations Director of SSICCF – Soweto & Surroundings Industry Chamber of Commerce Forum. She serves as the Head of the Industrial Development and Manufacturing Industry. I am excited and I believe our partnership with GrowBank brings great revival of hope for the numerous skills buried alive in the townships for lack of support and acknowledgement. SSICCF will be able to have fruitful engagements with both the local and business communities to raise the bar, perfect our standards of operations and delivery and restore the diminishing dignity.
Thoba M Karl-Halla is an accomplished and enthusiastic professional who is not content to rest on her achievements. a goal-driven business lady with much success in most phases of marketing, brand management, promotions, advertising, sales, strategic public relations, government and media liaison operations.

She adds that her greatest passion is to see us, as a Nation realise and unfold our greater potential by liberating ourselves from mental bondage, hindering fears and embarking on sustainable wealth, creating projects that help alleviate poverty, and restore human dignity.

Thoba serves in the community by conducting Family Health & Happiness Forums. As a motivational speaker and Soweto Public Affairs Director for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints she says the Nation is endowed with wealth and life has a bag full of blessings for each person.
Way back in the days she staged a mammoth concert at Park Station in Commemoration of Chris Hani featuring amongst the first to perform together Dr Abdullah Ihbrahim, Letta Mbulu & Caiphus Semenya, Sipho Hotstix Mabuse, McCoy Mrubata, Abigail Kubheka and the late Sipho Gumede, Dorothy Masuka, Thandi Klassen & Moses Molelekoa. Successfully she hosted with Credit Sussie Bank the Bunengi GIRLS STEM education with the First Ladies of the African Continent in New York during the UNGA and later represented South Africa as a guest speaker in Angola at the summit of Valuing Human Capital.

Thoba serves as the Chairperson for Ladies in Tourism, Director for Institute of African Natural Resources on Education & Resource. AAAA (EI) (Accepting Africans, Advocating Africa through Education and Integrity) both are international institutions.

Her business JCPMav Executive Consultants is a community-based business and tourism consultancy. It is my parent’s initials with an abbreviation of my maiden surname, Mavimbela. I sentimentally named it as a revival and appeasement to my mother after all had faded at the passing of her husband. It had to assure her that his efforts were not in vain as the founder and member of Nafcoc, a musician with the Rhythm Kings and also The Merry Black Birds that performed abroad back in the days for the current Queen of Engalnd mother.

JCPMav strives to be a home and a communication platform for any woman in business and in the community looking to be encouraged, empowered, and uplifted. It is a home for any woman looking for a reason to keep going and growing. Together we discover meaning and strength in the pain and challenges and enable the understanding how these experiences can propel one forward towards joy and achieving instead of stagnating and dwindling. Begging or feeling like a beggar is not an option because nothing is insurmountable.
A collective creativity of the vision states our core ideology which ultimately serves as our identity. “I steer the path and monitor that we are all aligned and in tandem with our vision.” Thoba affirms.

Derek Andersen the founder of Startup Grind mentioned that “Entrepreneurship is synonymous with failure, “Great entrepreneurs probably fail more than anyone else but they relentlessly search for solutions while at the same time being unafraid of the consequences of short-term failure. “Failure should not define you but should propel you to move on with better guidance and focused determination and an excitement for a better enhanced and perhaps different goal.
Motivation despite setbacks is maintained beyond prayer which is a daily anchor in everything I embark on, it is crucial to reflect on the success of the past and realise that not all is lost. Plan with more focus and determination, roll up the sleeves and get going.

A message to aspiring entrepreneurs can be attributed to the Mandoza line: Uzoyithola kanjani uhlezi ekhoneni? Failures of others should not deter you. Instead learn from the mistakes of others and capitalise on them so that you don’t repeat the same.

Exert your courage to ask pertaining questions for a better understanding. Stares are just eyes looking at you, you should know what you want your end result be. Get the answer!
Learn to embark on a long-term journey. Have integrity at all times and at whatever the cost, be reliable.

Have a great outlook in life, enjoy it and laugh as often. Deliberately see good in others, be generous with honest kind words and appreciation of others. Always remember you are the best you ever can be but you are not better than anyone. Do not compare, appreciate the unique self at all times.
Tenacity is a virtue.

Jerry Sokhupe Soweto Sunrise News

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