The Unfolding Mystery of Persistent Dark times

I’m talking about the uncertainty of our living daylights. People are trying to figure out what’s lingering in the air. Whether they see it with the naked eye or not. It does not seem to end thus making many pondering uneasily. There are many stories surrounding the legend. Whether true or not its existence remains a mystery.

I heard one elderly lady speaking in the taxi heading to another destiny making comment that there is probably an existence of a sender or instigator of this scourge. “I mean how does he/she record the number of infected victims on a daily basis? Albeit that if he/she has a recollection of the number of those infected, then it means he/she is the one inflicting this pain. Being adamant and persistent she boldly mentioned thereafter that let it be that this vexation be returned to the sender!”

Lately many theories have surfaced and unknown titleists have been actively crafting theories. The sceptics continue to tell of the past warnings, going back to history books and past occurrences. But in the midst of the global adversity, one’s identity becomes obsolete, the world’s population is now looking for solutions. Africans have a noble heritage of solving their own problems. An instinct and prowess to self heal. But with every theory the first thing is to know thy enemy, its characteristics so that it becomes easier to engage in its defeat. The legendary king uShaka orchestrated a cow’s horn formation as a military strategy in attacking his enemy front, and was successful in executing many quests.

We live in days where people are detached and are no longer as communal as before. There are many untested experts living within their self-destructive illusions. The social media front has opened up a pool of these keypad shenanigans, crafting theories that mislead many people. These daydreamers unfortunately instil fear to the simple recipients upon the smart-phones, vehemently increasing the uncertainties of what really is fact or fiction.

However the reports we hear about from nearby and afar, the disturbing reality is that our immediate neighbours pass away in increasing numbers. And this adversely alters our minds and plays with our hope and aspirations, challenging our very purpose and being. The invisible enemy shortens people’s lives abruptly. It is however difficult to fight an unknown rather invisible enemy, moreover to defend your immediate community, and what set of weaponry to formulate and engage with.

South African communities have triumphed over many battles in the past. They were united with common interest, to annihilate any threat. Presently, it is even difficult to assure our posterity that we will once again be triumphant and how so? But hope gives us the positive assurance that once again this too shall pass. A certain focus and mental armour with the utmost vigilance that no matter what happens hand in hand, we will rise up to the enemy’s throat and be victorious over again.

Jerry Sokhupe Soweto Sunrise News

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