Vaccine Roll-out draws wary, mixed reaction

With the final preparations underway and the vaccine set to arrive in the country in the coming weeks, local residents have expressed mixed reactions over the government’s decision. While some eagerly await the covid-19 vaccine, others are still reluctant to taking a decision to get the jabs.

Many people utterly refuse to be vaccinated, while a large part of the population prefers to wait to assess the medium and long-term side effects.

There were mixed reactions from Sowetans about what the picture would look like once the roll-out starts. Whilst others have complained that the roll-out is too slow to be implemented. However, the majority indicated that they had not been educated enough by the Health department to trust the vaccine.

Miss Mpofu, 80, a pensioner and resident of Dobsonville, praised the president together with his cabinet for working tirelessly to make these vaccines a reality. “We’ve all been waiting for this moment, with God we shall overcome this pandemic, if you remember well we once had a similar problem when HIV/Aids started”, added Mpofu. Another resident who preffered anonymity commented: “We don’t trust that vaccine, I won’t get immunized. They should vaccinate their families not us”.

Authorities have however urged people to get immunised without hesitation and listen to the Health department, and not get swayed in by fake news or those spreading misconception about it.

With 2020 slinking off into history, doctors, nurses and other health care workers fought a tough battle in a year that would be unforgettable. And the first dose is rightfully to be given to all the dedicated warriors.

Thapelo Magola Soweto Sunrise News

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