Exciting News to Music Lovers

The South African Music Award (SAMA) recently announced that it will be separating the Kwaito, Gqom and Amapiano category for the first time this year. As these three genres have always been combined. The announcement brought excitement to musicians and music lovers.

What this means to the evolution of the music industry in South Africa? It entails growth to all these categories to be recognized separately in the world. For music lovers to understand how to differentiate between the three and a history of how the music genres came to be.

Kwaito emerged in the rad 1990s taking over the townships as it become the voice of the people. It is a mixture of poetry and traditional music and well arranged innovative beats. We remember the likes of Boom Shaka, TK Zee, Thebe, Trompies, Mdu, Brothers of Peace the list goes. The genre was big during the decade that led to the historic millennium and beyond, blasting through the airwaves and bashes, catapulting itself as the most celebrated music genre in South Africa’s townships and beyond.

A number of Kwaito artists rejoiced and were more upbeat to the news, stating that Kwaito music has been in existence before the birth of democracy in South Africa and therefore should be treated with the utmost respect. The artists went as far as saying Kwaito gave birth to House music, and House music gave birth to Gqom, which subsequently gave birth to the Amapiano sound that has taken over the local airwaves.

This announcement come as a game changer in the music industry as a lot of global artists look to Africa for inspiration. Specifically, South Africa for dance music and Nigeria for Afro beats. The advent of Master KG’s Jerusalema taking over the charts throughout the world, as well as Sho Madjozi expressing our rich cultural rhythmic offerings and Babe Wodumo being part of the sound track of the Black Panther. With that said these highlights underscore the potential of a list of several artists representing and upholding the South Africa flag throughout the world, entrenching exciting prospects of more rich musical display to come.
The Samas 2021 would like to encourage all musicians to submit their music for SAMA consideration by 31 January 2021.

Naledi Chauke Soweto Sunrise News