Housing MMC visits two Developments sites in Roodepoort

MMC for housing in the City of Joburg, Cllr Mlungisi Mabaso conducted a site visit to monitor the progress of the City’s two new Social Housing Developments in Region C on the 17th of March 2021. These housing units are developed by the Joshco company (Johannesburg Social Housing Company). In light of the housing backlog in Gauteng the MMC is faced with the mammoth task to facilitating and delivering housing initiatives to the people. Delivering his speech on-site he mentioned that,“to fastrack these initiatives there are currently 5 social housing projects which include the Inner City, Devland and another 3 mega projects that Joshco is currently running currently.”

He further mentioned that,“the Housing department in partnership with Joshco on Social Housing Projects are a means to allocate housing to employed people who do not qualify for RDP housing as well as bank approved home loans. The challenges delaying the completion of the current housing project were twofold, namely the lockdown delaying the construction, and Covid 19 having delayed the process of selecting beneficiaries by means of community engagements, as well as the SMMEs in the wards having disagreements in working together with the contractors.”

In the Roodepoort CBD development, the delegates were presented the completed 92 units with modern fittings. Joshco CEO Victor Rambau mentioned that “We are working with the councillor to allocate employed beneficiaries recommended for occupation within the ward. They will liaise with the management team from Joshco that will engage with members of the community on allocation of units. In that regard we target areas where people look for employment opportunities to reduce the impact of transportation. Residences are conveniently closer to their place of employ, normally the economic hubs such as factories, warehouses, financial services including banks and insurance sectors. As a result we need to tackle at least 3000 units in the next 2 to 3 years in serving 7 regions of the City.”

At the Princess plot Rambau indicated that, “ there are many communities in the vicinity as well as numerous amenities. The communities need to be engaged as part of the developments to make them a success. The current 173 million project under construction will produce 333 housing units for the people and is estimated to be complete in September 2022. The units will comprise of single and double bedrooms, with showers fitted with hot or cold prepaid meters inside the complex. There will be greenfield spaces allocated for residents recreation and children to play. The permutations of the project will entail the selection of beneficiaries, appointment of CLO’s, SMMES, recruiting local labour to achieve a smoothly run project.”He concluded.

MMC Mabaso also indicated that in addressing housing backlog issues, the City will be allocating serviced stands and a program earmarked for the informal settlements upgrade. “The people will be granted stands as well as services, followed by permits of occupation and subsequently title deeds.” He further elaborated that the allocation of service stands will be determined by the amount of hectares that the JPC (The City of Joburg Property Company) will make available in the foreseeable future.

Jerry Sokhupe Soweto Sunrise News