Men as victims of Domestic Violence, Crippled by Shame and Stigma

Whenever most people hear the mentioning of the term “domestic violence” in our society, they often assume that a man is the aggressor. While this may be true in most of the reported cases, domestic violence and abuse against men is more common and can pose a serious threat to its victims. For far too long, the obituaries of south-African men have been brushed over and piled onto the general murder stats in the country.

Thousands of Soweto residents mostly men led by the Knot foundation, defied the scorching sun by walking a torturous 5 km to raise awareness against the gender based violence on Monday March 22nd, this from the Spider park the assembly point in Meadowlands.

The awareness walk traversed the streets of Meadowlands throughout schools, mall and police station, with those taking part carrying placards bearing messages such as, “men should also be protected from violence”, “no to fake cases”.

During the walk, many ladies and men called for communities to take a stand and support the initiative to end any abuse. The walk culminated into the main event, where the underprivileged children were in for a special surprise when they received brand new school shoes courtesy of the Knot Foundation. The walk was also attended by metro police representatives, veteran actor Patrick Shai, community members, lifeline members and other stakeholders.

Larry Kgatle, communications officer at the Knot Foundation, labelled this form of abuse as a “deep, dark secret. Most men are weary and ashamed to seek help and they usually do not believe that the police can help,” added Kgatle. He also mentioned that there is little efforts made to encourage men to report physical abuse to the police.
High motions were also sparked as Njabulo Ndlovu made an appearance. The young man from KwaZulu Natal, who was incarcerated for more than 13 years for the crime that he did not commit.

The Knot Foundation made a donation of 100 pairs of school shoes to pupils of 4 primary schools in Meadowlands, namely Thobeka, Dzata, Rishile and Sivelile primary schools. According to the foundation representatives those who received the shoes which were handed out at the Thobeka primary school in Meadowlands zone 6 had spent years wearing worn-out pairs, to the extent that their little toes were exposed.

Thapelo Magola Soweto Sunrise News