Joy at Bakery Launch

Clover Mama Afrika was on hand to officially unveil the much awaited Lejwe la Thuso bakery on Monday, March 29th.
Located in Mashao drive, Dobsonville, the new facility will usher in a ray of hope for resolution of long pending problems plaguing communities.
The concept of Clover Mama Afrika is a sustainable corporate social investment project that has been in existence since 2004. Clover Mama Afrika selects women who have already made a positive impact within their respective communities. Through this project, they are given the physical and emotional tools such as cooking, baking, sewing to build their skills, sustain and improve their own community projects.
The bakery is expected to produce a range of specialty breads, cakes and other home made treats. Alongside this, the foundation aims to actively partner with businesses, which in turn increase the holistic gains for local businesses.
Lejwe la Thuso bakery, an initiative of Angelina Molete, will sell fresh bread and related products to customers at an affordable price.
Angelina noted that the opening is also an extension for great baking. “I’ve sent so many emails before, at first they rejected my application but I just kept on trying until they eventually accepted my request,” She added.
Clover Mama Afrika Manager, Professor Elain Vlok, stated that the goal of this project was to give South Africans from disadvantage communities back their pride and livelihoods. “This Mama Afrika women need to share their newly found skills with others”. The bakery is expected to at least produce a minimum of 500 loaves each day. Angelina and her colleagues were proud to be counted amongst the bread-makers for their community in Soweto.

Thaplo Magola Soweto Sunrise News