Building A Woman’s Confidence Through Business

Not a day goes by currently without one listening to the news about the abuse of women in their home or place of employ but it’s a pleasure to know that there exists nevertheless in our community women of empowerment in themselves operating businesses to earn an income in communities through their services and products they provide.
During the weekend of Friday, 30 April 2021 to Sunday, 2 May 2021 All Rounder Theme Events in WomenTrepreneur hosted women entrepreneurs market at The Box Shop, Vilakazi Street, Orlando West.
The ladies trading various products from across Gauteng displayed on stalls their many various home-grown brands in beverages, skin and hair cosmetics, nutrional products, lifestyle and decor, leather products and home appliances in a three day market.
Many stalls were for homegrown brands catering for various ailments and needs including women’s health such as Runako Naturals, Kopaviwe Homemade Ginger Beer, KG Lifestyle Kitchens, Tjiane Creations, Yoni Mbokodo Steaming, The Cushy Life, Naturelle, NR Clothing and Appliances, Kays Casa Decor and Bontle Ba Mosadi Hair Care Line; while a few were of independent distributors of international brands such as Power Life, Nuka Products and Forever Living.

For many women exhibiting their entrepreneurship is a Labour of Love to see the kind of products they provide in the retail space. As Maseabe Mokhine of Runako Naturals and qualified Micro-Biologist also alluded, change the consumption narrative about the identity and pride of an African woman and an African man through the products they use that relate to their skin type, bodies and hair, and resources from the African continent.

The products on display had ingredients easily harvested within Africa for example, Shea Butter, Coconut, Hibiscus Leaf, Leather, Ginger, Aloe, Salt, Palm, Cocoa, etc. They are creating a new African legacy of production, production of what Africans consume not the previous one during European colonialisation and imperialism of exporting raw materials and importing finished retail products from them. For some their entrepreneurship is also a means to self employment.

An example is the family members such as Phumzile Makhubu of The Cushy Life and Nosipho Radebe of NCR Clothing and Appliances. They were both unemployed before starting their own businesses, in the case of Phumzile who mentioned that in her home they were three siblings unemployed out of five who are now working at The Cushy Life from her motivation and initiative to change their story and family fortune by starting a business and using skills they already have including their mother’s sewing skills. While she sews they book the orders, prospect for new orders and clients and market the business and develop new products and strategy for the business. Nosipho relates that from the lockdown in 2020 she lost her income as a qualified chef but had to start selling goods to survive. During the process whilst selling umbrellas in town she got a referral by a certain lady to TCB (The Clothing Bank Organisation). TCB helped her with finance to stock her now growing mobile retail outlet selling cosmetics & hygiene products, aparrel, shoes and accessories and home electrical appliances. Currently through TCB she’s also since November 2020 studying a two year SETA certified entrepreneurship course to be completed in 2022.
During the market all the exhibitors had the opportunity to be broadcast in The Box Shop online radio and advertise their businesses to its listeners as well. According to Ms Thembi Ndlovu the owner of All Round and Yoni Mbokodo Steaming the aim of the market and exhibition was to build the women exhibitors’ confidence in marketing and selling their products and businesses. Some women tend to be shy talking about themselves and their positive attributes about their abilities. Through All Rounder and WomenTrepreneur market she said that she wanted to create a platform to overcome the shyness and promote women businesses. It is her plan to host the exhibition frequently throughout the year and to grow it nationally across South Africa. Bookings may be made to 066 278 0273 or 076 848 3847.

Dumi Mkhabela Soweto Sunrise News