Operation Okae Molao Intensifies in Kagiso West Rand

On Thursday 06 May various security clusters and stakeholders assembled and conducted a successful operation fighting crime around communities in Kagiso. In the past several weeks, Security forces in the West Rand have been hands-on in successfully tackling criminal activities in the area and thus bringing perpetrators of various crimes to book. This under the auspices of the District Commissioner in the West Rand, Major General Fred Kekana who mentioned that, “amid the many challenges that we are faced with in communities, the main focus of the day is the illegal mining that is spreading chaos in our society. As a result we have sourced equipment from the municipality to aid us in bringing these operations to a halt.” General Kekana was hands on at the roadblocks stopping vehicles and conducting body searches with his team who made many arrests including impounding unroadworthy vehicles on the day.
He further mentioned that “notorious crimes reported in communities were ongoing house robberies where thugs enter households during the day and rob them of their belongings. At Chief Mogale location, 4 houses in one street were robbed by these assailants. A similar pattern of robbery was also reported in Tshepisong. In Rietvallei, Swaneville and Ext. 2 business robberies with foreign nationals being targets were also reported.” Many undocumented foreign persons were arrested at the roadblocks, and having in their possession unlicensed firearms, live rounds of ammunition of various types of firearms and rifles.”
General Kekana made an affirmation that the police will continue to monitor vehicles transporting gold bearing materials which will result in members of SAPS confiscating the vehicles and arresting the drivers. Mine pits were discovered near Azaadville where illegal miners mostly foreign enter in to conduct their mining activities. “All illegal mining pursuits will be monitored around the clock and offenders will face the full might of the law.” He added.
During the operation Mogale City MMC for Public Safety Anna Setswalo-Moja related that affected members of the communities voiced their complaints to the municipality of the prevalent violent crimes and murder as a result of these Zama-zamas fighting among themselves and implicating community members.“As a result with have sought the help of security agencies to deal with such and we are further cautious of the housing infrastructure threat that these illegal operations pose and might result in a fatal landfall at any moment placing the lives of residents at risk.” She added.
In Rietvallei Ext.2 & 3 the images mining hubs, in close proximity to homes were unfolded resulting in confiscation of tools by security personnel. Mining equipment, tools, phendukas with motors for conveyor belts, water reserves used for gold sifting all were destroyed. It is alleged that illegal miners illegally acquire explosives, diesel, copper cables and other equipment from neighbouring mines. TLBs were used to destroy and level the many mining hubs mounted around the community.

Jerry Sokhupe Soweto Sunrise News