Learner Support

All of us as parents dread seeing that red circle on our child’s report card or being summoned to the school because of our child’s inadequate performance at school. In most times we do not heed the teacher’s guidance and attribute slothful performance to behavioural problems and in so doing we displace our responsibility as parents and not deal with the actual problem at hand, leaving it to perpetuate.

The focal point should be on the problem area, that needs attention. Meaning that when explaining to your child, highlight the areas where they did well so that they do not perceive themselves as failures. Understanding your child’s strength will also help them persevere. Transitioning from concrete to abstract, observing that if they can tackle abstract concepts, by making use of the modern tools in subjects like Mathematics and Natural Science. These subjects lately have Apps that offer support such as Suyavula, which can be downloaded from the Play Store.

The world will tell your child that he or she are not good enough according to set standards, but you have to be that voice that silences all the others, support your child and give him or her the words of encouragement. Those words of encouragement should be able to also sustain the learner in their future objectives.

Most children fall by the wayside, since they are taking subjects in a language that is not familiar to them, most subjects are taught in English and the limitations of the child to adequately express themselves in English often becomes a barrier to learning and further hinders their success. Their school experience often become unbearable because of the labelling and stigma associated with the so called poor performance.

Subjects like Life Orientation should be used to empower learners, and upon discovering their innate talent, it should therefore be harnessed and nurtured. This will eliminate self-doubt and in the process enhance a positive self image. Learners will have the assurance that they are in control of their education, which will help develop a passion for school within themselves since there will be a direct link between what line of further study discipline they would prefer to enrol, which in turn will motivate their learning process. In conclusion, this would immensely minimize the need for career guidance in their Matric year, and help them avoid hasty decisions which are mostly influenced by impulse.

Lorraine Moremi Soweto Sunrise News