Swaggy_rsa talks about the Highlights of his Musical Journey

Every artist dreams of penning a breakthrough track-one that opens all the doors . Young renowned singer and songwriter Luyolo Mahokwane better known as Swaggy_rsa recently spilled the beans on his inspiration behind creating the hip-hop music album as well as its entire journey. Its probably hard to find someone who hasn’t heard of Swaggy_rsa in Soweto.

The singer got candid during his interview with Sunrise news. He vividly recalls the day music entered his life.
Part of Swaggy_rsa’s success lies with his ability to connect with listeners. He has seen great success throughout his career thus far. The success of his recent album was just the start of his future list of achievements.

“Its unbelievable how much feedback I receive each day from my supporters,’’ added Swaggy_rsa. Apart from his amazing voice, the 22-year-old Snake Park, Soweto is also known for his unique fashion statement. ’’Its been a journey filled with a lot of growth’’. Swaggy_rsa is a true singer who is ready to face any problem and shine in this competitive world.

He also mentions that he inspires people to start their own music. ‘’You can do anything as long as you are a hard worker’’. Although still young and learning, he sounded as if he had found a sense of wisdom.
‘’I’ve been in this industry for less than five years and my biggest takeaway is that if you work hard, people will honour it with their constant support’’.
He further stated that social media is changing the world, ‘’we are all witnessing that,but to keep up with this change,we need someone who understands what social media is, who has a deep knowledge of technology. He has since been nominated for the best upcoming artist for the MAMA awards slated for later in the year. To vote for him, fans should sms the word MAMA to 40439, each sms costs R2.

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