Police in Kagiso Won’t give Crime space to Breath

As Kagiso Police in the West Rand consistently fight crime in the area, they always come up on top, making life difficult for perpetrators.

In the morning of 2021-07-18 at about 10:00 a group of three suspects aged 26, 27 and 36 were stopped and searched at the Tshepisong township during a special operation which eventually led to their arrests.

The police noticed the suspects’ vehicle driving between the Tshepisong and Kagiso extension 13 open space. As the Police approached from opposite direction, the driver of the suspects’ vehicle attempted to make a reverse. The police stopped him and started to conduct body and vehicle searches.

During the Police searches, two paper bags meant for potatoes were found containing bottles of beers as well as a school bag which contained two bottles of unknown brands of alcohol.

All three suspects were put under arrest and later detained at the Kagiso SAPS. A case docket of DMA transporting liquor during lockdown was opened.

They will appear briefly in the Kagiso magistrates court soon.

Kagiso SAPS

011 696 9052/ 081 303 8603

Soweto Sunrise News