Dobsonville Mall clean up Campaign

Faced with mass looting and violence for days, Soweto citizens stepped up to restore rule of law and clean up their malls. Piles of debris left behind by looters and vandals were swept into neat piles as the Dobsonville Mall began recovering from the dark chaotic days. Legions of volunteers brought brooms and trash bags, some dropped off snacks and water. The energy was brisk and cheerful as people chatted and helped clear away the previous inflicted mess that terrorized shop owners and business people who invested their fortunes in the looted enterprises.

Concerned members of the community came to volunteer, bracing the cold weather and spending their time and effort stepped over broken glasses and squandered waste picking up debris and filling up the refuse bags and garbage bins outside the mall. For three uninterrupted nights the looters roamed along the strip of the Mall, breaking into numerous businesses.

Whilst many law-abiding citizens are still recovering from shock, many allegations have come to surface that the looting appeared to be well organized, with groups of vandals driving around throwing multiple objects, destroying what took many years to build. Several online campaigns were used to help curb the unrest, clean up and rebuild the township and businesses that were destroyed in the violence and looting that took place in the province.

Many of the clean-up volunteers offered help and support for the mall that bore the scars of destruction and that is symbolic to their everyday life and pertained to ordinary people who positively responded to the call from groups on social media and various means of communication.

Thapelo Magola Soweto Sunrise News