Mall extends Daily Meals to Volunteers

Dobsonville Mall management have rallied together to help feed over 40 community activists who rolled up their sleeves and volunteered to guard the shopping centre and protected what was left of the township economy. The management expressed their gratitude and proved that after every storm there is light. The meals are prepared by a local shop owner in the Malls Taxi Rank and she serves the patrollers, on a daily basis.

The programme has contributed to regular and punctual attendance by patrollers and enabled them to attend their daily duties without having to worry about what they will eat during the day. Mall management had to heighten their private security in an effort to salvage what was left in the mall after a wave of violence that tore through the shopping centre.

Residents have been volunteering with some availing themselves on social media platforms, with the aim to help and make sure that they bring back communities and the country back to its original state.

Kamogelo Phatlhane, who is the Marketing Manager at Dobsonville Mall, stated that the mall has prioritized the safety of its people and the security of its assets to minimize the loss of infrastructure. “Most of the stores were looted and vandalized in the mall”. Taxi drivers also joined in community’s efforts to protect the mall. “Most of the taxi association patrollers help us at night.” She affirmed.

The deeply rewarding feeding scheme provides essential meals and support for patrollers who have been spending sleepless nights with the aim to protecting the mall. “Normally at 2pm, patrollers start to arrive at the feeding scheme point for their daily meal, and this will run on until the 5th of August”. Concluded Phatlhane, who remained optimistic and grateful towards those who extended their selfless efforts to rebuild the legacy of the mall.
Thapelo Magola Soweto Sunrise News