Women in Power come together to end #Women’s Month on a High note

On August 28th, the South African United Business Confederation (SAUBC) joined hands with the Scientology Volunteer Ministers and the Civil Society to end the highly celebrated women’s month by launching the #GirlYouAreWorthy campaign. Hosting young women from four Gauteng orphanages at the Castle Kyalami in Midrand, they empower them with skills and various sponsorship programs.

The event began with impacting speeches from an array of attendees including the former president of the Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce, Ms. Jackie Mpondo-Hendricks, Dr. Angelique Coetzee, Female President of the South African Medical Association, Marcia Mayaba, head of the National Automotive Dealers’ Association, Pertunia Sibanyoni, head of the African Farmers Association of South Africa and the MMC of Development Planning city of Johannesburg, Mr. Thapelo Amad.

They all converged at Castle Kyalami to launch the #GirlYouAreWorthy initiative with a special “Women Empowerment” theme, their speeches aimed to inspire these young ladies with this initiative, which seeks to support the Young Professional Female Leaders (YPFL) in their interests and help them with free skills development and sponsorships.

One of the spearheads of the event, Ms. Jackie Mpondo-Hendricks said “This is a very powerful event and it connect us to all these young women, these are the future leaders of the industry and we should empower them”. 

Young ladies between the ages of 17 and 18 years all in attendance, all uniformly spoke of how much ‘power” there is in this event and how they feel cherished.

African Bank sponsored six bursaries and ten tablets during the event to the deserving young professional female ladies as a beginning step to the future growth of the initiative.

Mandy Pelser, Scientology Volunteer Ministers Representative said “As a woman, it gives me personal joy to know that we are all coming together to uplift each other in this unstable society. The program that we have includes 19 skills courses that will equip these young women with effective communication skills, conflict resolution, handling stress, anxiety, depression, basics of organizing and more to help empower the young ladies to become future leaders of our country”

Ms. Hendricks considers that communities should be involved in raising awareness of the value of life and support education in improving young children’s futures. She added that the government should also make policies and programs that target communities where the epidemic has left the largest numbers of orphans, vulnerable children and affected families abandoned.

”The function will be an annual activity from now on and we call upon various organised business groups, media, community, and government to support the #GirlYouAreWorthy initiative by lending a hand to educate and empower as we strive to encourage the YPFL in the interest to aid them with their future. Your positive contributions towards their emotional stability will encourage and empower the young ladies to boost their self-esteem and be phenomenal future leaders of our country” concluded Ms. Jackie Mpondo-Hendricks.

Sandile Hlayisi

Soweto Sunrise News