“It is in yours hands” Vaccine Campaign launched in Soweto

For millions of south-african still unsure about taking Corona virus vaccine shots, the creative industry as well as the government scientists have a message for citizens:”it is in your hands”. The goal of the catch-up campaign is to win over skeptical South-Africans, whose numbers are considered likely to be the difference between enough people being vaccinated and failing to curb the spread of the Corona virus.
Speaking during a mass vaccination programme at FNB stadium recently, Deputy president, David Mabuza, urged those who have been vaccined to become “vaccine ambassadors” to encourage others to get vaccinated and curb vaccine hesitancy. “Sports and arts are about audiences and without audiences this sector would not function and contribute meaningfully to the economy of our country.”
“We continue to focus on working with experts, health care workers and scientists to dispel all dangerous myths about covid-19 vaccine”, added Mabuza. The vaccine roll-out, launched early this year, began with those considered most vulnerable, meaning all those over the age of 50, plus those in high risk categories. When asked about vaccine passport, Sports Minister, Nathi Mthethwa, remained tight-lipped but however indicated that the government has not made covid vaccination mandatory for citizens, although many businesses and establishments might introduce forms of covid-19 certificates, passes or passport that allow the immunized bearer more freedom than unvaccinated people.
South-Africa has been one of the worst affected countries in Africa, with more than 50,000 deaths since the outbreak to date with 250,000 recorded and sill counting. With the vaccine now available to everyone over the age of 18, and ahead of the government’s target to offer all adults a vaccine by December 2021, vaccinations are even more accessible and easy to get.
Thapelo Magola Soweto Sunrise News