Police Seek Information to Locate Livestock Thieves

Hekpoort Police are investigating a case of stock theft, following the discovery of livestock by the Hekpoort SAPS members on Wednesday 2021-09-15 at about 04:30 in one of the farms around Hekpoort West.
Theft of livestock is not seen as just as another theft of property, but even small number of live stock represent the livelihood of a family, and their means to sustain themselves, thus SAPS view stock theft cases very serious.
Hekpoort SAPS Members Warrant Officer Gert Schultz and Sergeant Johan Vander Berg received information regarding theft of livestock in a farm around Hekpoort West.
They swiftly responded and while driving along Bekker Road, they came across white Toyota quantum. They immediately made a U-turn and the quantum pulled over and stopped. The driver and two other passengers came out of the quantum and ran in to the veld. The members went to check on the quantum and found 18 sheep’s inside.
They ran into the veld looking for the suspects. They also found forty-one (41) sheep’s, next to the lodge around that area and another eighteen (18) sheep’s outside the kraal. The total of seventy seven (77) sheep’s we’re recovered out of eighty three (83) that we’re stolen. The owner identified his sheeps with the tags on their ears.
Police are appealing to community members to assist with information that can lead in apprehending of the suspects.
Hekpoort SAPS Acting Station Warrant Officer Janie Brits applauded the members for their swift response. He also commended members of the public for their dedication and commitment in reducing crime around Hekpoort.
Community members can also take note of the safety hints on how to prevent livestock.
Farmers must:
-Brand and earmark livestock as early as possible.
-Keep an updated record of your livestock inventory.
-Employ herders with clear identification and pay them adequately and promptly.
-Visit your farm regularly to familiarize yourself with all livestock matters.

  • Report Matimela to relevant authority in a timely manner.
    -Actively participate in farmer’s committees and other crime prevention initiatives.
  • Maintain good relationship with your neighbours
    -Keep fences and gates in good condition.
    -Report all incidents of livestock crime to the police as soon as possible to enable police to investigate cases before evidence is destroyed
  • Actively participate in anti- stock theft initiative.

    Hekpoort Police can be contacted on 0145769100
    Crime stop number 0860010111
    Tip-of can be shared on mySAPS app.
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