Youth Encouraged to Explore Opportunities in Poultry Farming

The poultry industry is the biggest agricultural industry in South Africa. It has a lot of room for growth and is one of the most advanced sectors in terms of farming in the world. The demand for poultry products in South Africa has always been high. The industry is said to be worth more than R27 Billion each year in the country and continues to grow.

Chicken Farming or Poultry Farming is the raising of birds domestically or commercially. It is a form of animal husbandry and therefore raising domesticated chickens, ducks, turkeys and geese to produce meat eggs or meat for millions of South Africans.
When raising chickens for egg production they are called layers and chickens raised for meat are known as broilers.

Here are profitable small business ideas in poultry farming industry;
Broiler poultry farming for meat
Chicken hatchery
Chicken processing
Frozen chicken meat processing
Layer poultry farming for eggs
Organic manure production
Poultry farming equipment shop

Young people are being encouraged to take advantage of the business opportunities poultry farming presents. “The youth should consider opportunities in poultry farming when starting a business” Advises Sakhile Buthelezi, Imboni Agri-Supplies Managing Director, addressed to young people contemplating starting a business.

Sakhile is a young farmer, entrepreneur and teacher by profession. His love for poultry farming surfaced and developed after he graduated from the University of the Witwatersrand in 2014.
In between finishing his qualification and securing employment he took short courses in animal welfare and management (broiler and layers). He started the chicken farming business because he saw a supply-demand for chickens for meat production and egg production.

With the interest in knowing what we eat at heart, he started raising broiler chickens from day old to six weeks and the average weight is 2,3 – 2,7kg. Sakhile believes that poultry farming is another strategy to alleviate poverty and create employment in black communities, hence he took a step to hatch, grow and distribute to local farmers nationwide.

“As a farmer, I saw that there was a demand for chickens, and you will find that most suppliers farm seasonally. In other instances, you find that hatcheries are fully booked and can’t take more orders. So, I came to the market to ensure a consistent product supply for my clients all year round,” mentioned Sakhile.
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