Devoted Citizens members Dedicated to Restoring Communities

On Saturday the 18th of September 2021 Devoted Citizens organisation members in association with Hope Restoration Ministries came to voluntarily clean the Leratong Hospital precinct in the West Rand.

This as they were led by Pastor Percy Mongwai who made mention that, “whenever we see a filthy public space that provides services for people we come and clean. We stand and say South African citizens love your country. It’s should not be just lip service. So This is our 2nd big project in the West Rand. During the aftermath of the looting that happened in Soweto we came and cleaned the Dobsonville mall. Our organisation helped restore it back to its operations.”

He further mentioned that “Let’s unite and rebuild our country, days are gone where we wait for the government to do everything for us. Let us lead, let us restore our country, the government will join in as we play our part.”

Devoted Citizens movement was founded by Reverend Chris Mathebula during the early 2020 year. Their vision is to go around and raise what is called patriotic citizens, teaching South Africans to love their country, as well as respect the law and to also value human life. We must not normalise shocking and disturbing instances where a lying corpse will just get passed on. Such as the pathway we standing at that you’ll find men urinating on the wall on a daily basis leaving an unbearable stench to passers by. We are saying no! This is unacceptable.

They envisage teaming up with local taxi associations addressing issues such as ablution services, at taxi ranks particularly such as this one at Leratong hospital. They hope to raise funds for toilets and seek support from the taxi executives. They also appeal to vendors selling foods at the rank to also take proper care of the rank. “Paramount to that, it’s a hospital environment, which is supposed to be a place of good hygiene.” Concluded Mongwai. Website;

Jerry Sokhupe Soweto Sunrise News