SA Taxi is Handing Taxipreneurs Keys to Minibus Taxis

Committed to strengthening its relations and collaboration with other stakeholders in the taxi industry, SA Taxi is handing Taxipreneurs keys to minibus taxis in efforts to aid their businesses.
 SA Taxi took a decision to start giving its partners in the industry 2 minibus taxis and a R100 000 every month for 12 months between September 2021 and August 2022. The finance and insurance company aims to assist its partners to increase their fleet and strengthen their businesses.
 This collaboration was welcomed with both hands by two Taxipreneurs who received the first two minibus taxis at SA Taxi’s Midrand offices on 23 September. Joining them in celebration were 8 other Taxipreneurs who also received R10 000 each to use as they see fit.
 At the end of this campaign, about R12 million worth of minibus taxis would be given to 24 Taxipreneurs with hopes that each of them would have one more minibus taxi in their fleet and create needed employment.
 This left a 74-year-old Abel Msiza speechless when he was one of the lucky two taxi owners who received quality renewed taxis on top of the R10 000 given to all those who made the shortlist for fighting to keep their business afloat.
 Msiza said: “I am so speechless it is so unreal because after everything this company has done for me and my family, I won a taxi sitting next to my wife and granddaughter. 
 “This is an emotional moment for me because I have been in the taxi industry for 42 years. I started as a taxi driver and worked for somebody else for nine years until I bought my own taxi.”
 “Today I am an employer of 18 taxi drivers and now I’m planning to hire another taxi driver which will add to the employee number and make it 19. Can you believe I bought a farm because of this taxi business? That is why I am so happy and grateful to SA Taxi for their efforts to work with us and continue to empower us as the industry.”
 One of the taxi owners whose day was made was Kgalalelo Moremi, 70, who received a R10 000 cash injection and immediately went into the offices to enquire about paying a deposit to get a third taxi and expand her fleet.
SA Taxi Group Communications Executive Maroba Maduma said SA Taxi has always seen itself as a partner to the taxi industry and has always been concerned about the sustainability of the businesses that are being run by these Taxipreneurs. 
“It is encouraging to see that one of the Taxipreneurs who got an opportunity to increase his fleet from 18 to 19 started as a driver working for somebody else and now he is employing other people and is actually crediting us and our partnership with him for his growth in his business. He has even grown and ventured outside of the business by buying a farm.”
 “The purpose of this initiative is to actually encourage people to act responsibly for the sustainability of their businesses and in so doing we have given them unencumbered assets which are growth for their businesses and also another opportunity to employ other people.”
 The winners and finalists were selected from a database of clients who keep their accounts payments up to date and made and honored arrangements to settle their arrears as they sought to grow their businesses.
Dimpho Masango Soweto Sunrise News