Proudly SA launches its Living Lekker locally Campaign

As part of its massive consumer drive, Proudly SA has launched its brand new campaign, Living Lekker Locally. The media event hosted on September 30 at the Showrooms of the Bravo Group in Longdale, manufactures of bed and lounge brands, seek to influence local procurement in the public and private sector as a measure to increase local production and influence consumers to buy local, significantly resulting in job creation.

The organization’s 2020 TV commercial Game Time Mzansi, featuring Dr John Kani Underpins ‘Living Lekker locally’.
Living Lekker Locally is an edutainment piece that tells a brief relatable story of a day in the life of one ordinary South-African, from getting out of a South-African bed in the morning, folding back the South-African made bedding and spending the entire day eating, drinking, consuming, applying, using and driving only products that have been locally manufactured.
The day ends with the securing of a home with a Proudly South-African Trellidor and the setting of a National Security alarm system, dusk till dawn.

“We believe that this new campaign is relatable to all South-African consumers with an accessible narrative that they can follow and emulate,” CMO, Ms Happy MaKhumalo Ngidi related to members of the media. The narrative serves to illustrate that South Africa produces just about everything that needs to function in people’s everyday lives and that those items are readily available in local stores.

The campaign will have many cut-down variants for use on social media and other digital platforms. It will also be used exclusively across a number of broadcast media channels.

Thapelo Magola Soweto Sunrise News