Proudly South-African Pupils celebrate Cultural Day

As part of its effort to promote the country’s culture, popular education, Lambano Academy recently celebrated its language, arts and culture day. The event, which was held in the school premises at Roodepoort, was themed, “Embracing diversity”, an allusion to the country’s cultural diversity.

The event started off quite well and as always with the opening prayer and as a way of showing patriotism pupils gave a warm welcome to the parents in different languages.

The memorable occasion featured pupils from seven years and above, dressed in indigenous attires reflective of the cultures from nine Geo-provincial zones of the country. Also on display were local delicacies as well as activities portraying the culture of the various ethnic groups, highlighting their customs, traditions and food. In addition, each group presented how they are identified with their culture.

According to the school principal, Noluthando Nyandeni, the event was well-received. She further explained the essence of the cultural day in the lives of the students saying, “they should be taught the importance of culture at an early stage”, added Nyandeni.

Accompanying the learners, parents agreed that the interesting subject about culture are the dynamics of how it is ever-changing to fit time. “Culture is the language we speak, the clothes we wear and our attitude towards others.”

Thapelo Magola – Soweto Sunrise News