Yet another Local Election for Change

On Monday 01 November 2021, the local elections took a Centre stage at Kagiso Ext 12, Kidmaponya, Thutopele Secondary school and Community Hall were selected as a voting stations for wards 4,5 and 6, therefore residents of Ext 12 and Ext 14 were presented the opportunity to vote. The atmosphere was buzzing with joy as residents young and old come out in numbers to cast their votes, waiting in long queue, wearing masks and social distancing to observe covid-19 protocols.

Despite the fact that the country is still under the threat of covid-19 and lockdown, local elections went on smoothly with the help of visible police presence to monitor the situation around the township and in the voting stations for any distraction that might take place.

While navigating different voting stations, residents wearing t-shirts of their political parties, while some shouted my vote, my mouth, my choice for change. These hopeful voters wanted to see change after casting their votes for the upcoming newly appointed counsellors.

The Youth of ward 4, especially, have been crying in agony for change of leadership, they have been protesting even during the campaigns for the young people to be given a chance to lead, as they feel that the older generations of leadership have failed them and neglected their needs such as jobs. So, they have chosen the Youth leader whom they believe will put them first and listen to their concerns.

A 55-year-old man Motaung wa Phiri mentioned that, “I believe these elections will bring the change that we have been waiting for during the past five years. If I have a complain, my vote will speak for me.”
A 60-year-old granny Matshidiso Magano related that, “these elections are important to us, as we believe change will be made and our lives will move forwards. My vote and other peoples’ votes will change our situations in our area.
A concerned youth of ward 4 affirmed that, “I want to have a say in the councillor. My vote, my mouth. If the newly appointed counsellor will not deliver services and put youth first, our votes give us the right to complain and enforce change.
Political party agents in gazebos outside the voting stations refused to make comments regarding the problems they encountered and the results they hope their parties would obtain.

Thabo Motlhabi Soweto Sunrise News