Youth On “Not Voting Remarks”

In Mogale City municipality, the youth was making remarks on why they did not vote on the 1st of November 2021. Most of the youth interviewed mentioned that they decided not to vote because there is no use, and therefore the government will not hear them make noise about employment because they know that they didn’t cast votes. Boitumelo Sejake (19) related, “I grew up in a country that had no employment or any other facility, and still to date, nothing has changed, so why should I vote? What good will voting bring for me?”

It is with obvious reasons that the youth are angry and unhappy about how their government runs the country. Kgosi Thokwane (27) mentioned, “the only service delivery that all of these parties know is giving away free t-shirts and caps to very poverty stricken people, and what is most sad is that the very same people in power would come to our houses that are riddled with holes on the roofs and say nothing about the situation, they only pretend to care now because they wanted votes, just wait and see what happens after elections, so no I decided not to vote.”

However, there were very few who said that they have voted because they know in the back of their minds that it is their right to do so and that if they didn’t vote they would have deprived themselves of opportunities to have had a say in the country, as it is proper that we all have something to say at some point.

Tebogo Tshelane Soweto Sunrise News