Soweto Suoni Corali Soars to Dizzying Heights

The sold out Gala dinner Event dubbed “Raising awareness for Gender Based Violence and the Pandemic” was hosted at the Meadowlands zone 10 Community hall on the 6th of November 2021. With the glitz and glamour and distinguished guests on the bill, the debonairs and dames strutted their elegant apparel reflective of an atmosphere that was solid red carpet with sheer and aplomb illuminating the bright Saturday evening. Sowetans of all ages from different classes graced the stunning event mesmerising visitors from afar echoing choral melodies that reverberated the hall’s elevated architecture and the rich ambience and decor at each round table.

The unconventional and talented compère Sizwe Nkwanyana entered the stage, capturing and interacting with the audience throughout the night with beautiful renditions of his majestic voice coupled with segmented utterances of upliftment, grandeur whilst pleasantly entertained on a roller-coaster musical spectacle that seemed unending. The main act, the SSC, Soweto Suoni Corali displayed a magnificent performance conducted by the visionary and evergreen choir founder, musical director and composer Simphiwe Mnyamana displaying a high low charged series of soothing notes, to the delight of the audience.

All the more, the occasion dealt bountifully as the new act from within the choir was introduced, the Soweto Quintet who belted enriching innovative renditions backed by a live band. Subsequently the enchanting guest groups ‘Rhythm Divine Quartet’ as well as ‘Hush SA,’ added fireworks to the stage!

According to Stanley Kotane, the SSC’s executive Policy Advisor, the Black Tie event showcased their new segments within the choir including the Quintet as well as the soloists with the prospects of introducing a Gospel Choir within the SSC. Being vocal as the GBV activist, Kotane presented a speech to the crowd highlighting the stance on acting against the scourge in our communities. “The choir will be creating an NGO training young men within the choir to be vigilant and take responsibility against GBV in the society.” He affirmed that they adhered to covid regulations and restricted the numbers of people in attendance at the venue which could have been packed to the rafters.

The SSC has grown from 35 member in 2019 when it took off at the Orlando Library on ‘Africa Day,’ and presently boasts 50 choristers and is still growing as a development hub for youth with prospective opportunities beyond just choral music. The group Chairperson Given Mutafo mentioned that the event was the inaugural concert that they hosted successfully without any sponsorship or funding. A passionate chorister having developed his voice from a religious background added that, “as a youth choral movement the advent of technology heralds a new era as members are able to share music scores, rehearsals, training material, etc, on social media. We are a youth choristers group breaking the stereotype of the genre traditionally referred to as oldies music!” He was also proud that this year they bagged the 1st runner up prize at the Joburg Choral Music Festival. The SSC can be followed on various social media fronts; You Tube, @Sowetosuonicorali, Facebook Sowetosuonicorali.

Jerry Sokhupe Soweto Sunrise News