Stunning Cinderella Story with a Mzansi Flava!

The Mandela at the Joburg theatre became an arena of sheer spectacular entertainment on Sunday 7 November 2021 as Janice Honeyman brought the legendary fairy tale to a mixed audience, the Pantomime Cinderella musical play. The annual spectacle, that had been postponed from 2020 because of the unexpected pandemic restrictions, finally gets ushered in with thanks to Theatre CEO, Ms Xoliswa Nduneni Ngema and her hard working team to be able to present the exciting spectacle!

This pulsating highly entertaining instalment was packed with exciting proudly mzansi themes that the audience could identify with from this traditional fantasy folklore. It underscores brilliantly relative issues in our lives such as the previous looting, power failures, the pandemic regulations to Desmond Dube’s Clientele lines and more! Talking of which together with counterpart seasoned actor Ben Voss orchestrate such brilliance as Cinderella’s jealous sisters.

The audience was gripped to their seats overwhelmed by such spectacular acting, choreography and song rendition, marvelled at the exhilarating humour throughout with the characters interacting with members of the audience, a total theatre experience. The sets, the wardrobe, mannerisms and colloquial overtones and dialects that purely reflect a genuinely mzansi experience! A magnificent set up where every person in the audience is catered for, from satire to reality, mystery to suspense, cleverly carved elements of surprise, gorgeous energy and more of what you can expect from a stage playground!

The narrative also explores where we come from as a nation, mimics our resilience beyond challenges and the ability to laugh at ourselves, identify ourselves beyond colour or creed, a renewed hope. In this interaction patrons could sing along dance along, clap along to favourite tunes bearing the identity that signifies that we’re proud of our diverse cultural heritage and we see each other through our reflective interactions as a people, we have truly come a long way. It is interesting to note how social media, apps and gadgets has become part of our daily lives that cleverly became embedded in the story line impressing the young at heart in the audience.

But to cap it the meritorious breathless theatrical performances by the diverse cast were the unbelievable costumes, colourful lighting and stage projections, great props a technological advancements breakthrough that can only represent an unmatched art-form of epic world class proportions. Pantomime Cinderella leaves audience asking for more, a truly satisfying experience beyond box office value. It’s indeed a Superpanto!

Jerry Sokhupe Soweto Sunrise News