Young Farmer seeks Aid to Successful Farming

Trevor Phahlahla is a 25 year old young farmer residing in Swaneville, Mogale City municipality. He started farming in the early months of 2013 with a flock of free range chickens but could not continue with farming the chickens in 2017 because he was advised that he was conducting his farming business in an illegal residential area. However, the community had no problem with that because they supported the business that helped them put sustainable food on their families tables.

Since 2013, Trevor could not access funding or food subsidy for his flock, so he used money from his own pocket and this led to him to experiencing financial problems. He tried applying for funding a couple of times but he is denied so due to not having a lease to prove his claims. He mentioned in an interview, “I used to grow the chickens from a year old until the point of slaughter, “I produced a lot and in every six to eight weeks, I would produce about 200 plus chickens, but I stopped due to lack of food, transport and subsidy, I had no help whatsoever.” He lamented.

In late 2017, the young farmer started farming again outside the outskirts of Lusaka with a drove of pigs that he had bought with his own money. At the time, he bought only four piglets to kick-start of his farming business once again. later in 2018, his pigs got killed because of the outbreak of the African swine flu at the time, he then had to start from the ground up again because he believed in his dream of becoming a successful farmer in the near future; he has been doing good since.

He currently has about 60 pigs and has by far sold about 30 of them in the current year 2021. His vision to grow more in farming remains intact.
Although Trevor has not acquired funding yet, he is still very hopeful that he will get assistance with a lease of land and funding for him grow and expand his farming business., Tel: +27 (0)61 464 3268.

Tebogo Tshelane Soweto Sunrise News