PUTCO launches a convenient Smart Tap transport ticketing system in partnership with and powered by Ticketpro

PUTCO, one of South Africa’s largest public passenger transport companies, is set to launch a new electronic ticketing system in Eldorado Park, Gauteng in partnership with Blue Label Distribution company, Ticketpro. The new Smart Tap system, featuring a Near-Field Communications (NFC) enabled smartcard, will go live on 15 November 2021.
Commuters will be able to buy their PUTCO Smart Tap cards and electronic tickets from Blu Approved / Blue Label Distribution and Ticketpro retail outlets in Eldorado Park. When a commuter buys a ticket, it will be loaded onto their smartcard and a receipt will be issued as proof of purchase. This offers consumers a safer, more modern and convenient alternative to paper tickets.  
Says Matlakala Motloung, Business Development and Marketing Executive at PUTCO: “The launch of our new ticketing system aligns with PUTCO’s business strategy of using the latest technology to improve business efficiency and improve the commuter experience. Commuters will benefit from easier access to more outlets, with longer trading hours for their ticket purchases and top-ups.”
“Replacing the paper-based ticketing system will also help us to reduce revenue leakage to fraud and to gain access to real-time data for better business insights into customer behaviour, giving them better solutions into the future. It also enables us to comply with government policies that require the bus operators’ electronic ticketing systems to be capable of integrating multiple modes of transportation.”
Commuters can get their smartcards and tickets from the same merchants where they buy airtime, data, electricity, and other value-added services – with no booking fee, ensuring transport is treated as a commodity in South Africa. They will be able to easily transfer a ticket if their card is damaged, lost or stolen. In addition, the tickets will have longer validity periods, making it more convenient for passengers.  The system will reduce queues for ticket purchases as well as reduce driver-passenger contact since passengers simply need to tap the card as they board the bus.   
Ticketpro MD, Brandon Stuart Lee Duffield, adds: “We are very proud of this new ticketing solution, and it promises to transform the transport industry and maximise the passenger experience for PUTCO. We are pleased to partner with PUTCO to offer commuters the convenience of buying their bus tickets at multiple outlets closer to home and with longer trading hours. This will give passengers more time to get their tickets, while enabling our merchants to expand their product range, increase footfall and drive more value-added revenues.”
For more information about this new ticketing system and PUTCO Smart Tap cards, please visit: www.putco.co.za.
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